How to download books from iBooks on Mac

In 2013, Apple added in Mac OS, a wonderful tool for reading books, magazines and notes – iBooks. The app quickly gained popularity, largely due to the tight integration into the Apple ecosystem. If you are an active user of iBooks, then surely you have gathered a collection of books – and today we’ll show you how you can download them to your computer in the form of source files.

Download all the necessary books

Before starting the import procedure, you should ensure that all necessary books stored in iCloud already have a local copy.

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How to find local files of books and magazines iBooks?

  • Open “Finder”.
  • Use the context menu “Transition” -> “go to folder..” or use a combination of Shift + Command + G
  • In the opened window enter the address:
  • ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud~com~apple~iBooks/Documents/

  • Reaffirm our choice and go to this address.

Opens a directory with four folders:

The folder “Books” — here are stored all the downloaded books, PDF files or documents. Files are stored in the same format in which they were added.

Downloads folder — here you can find the files that are being downloaded.

The folder is “Temporary” — this folder stores temporary files and various caches.

The Updates folder — here you can find older version of iBooks.

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From all this diversity we need only the folder “Books” — we go out and download all the necessary files. Important point — you need to realize exactly how to copy, not move, to avoid problems with iCloud syncing.

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