How to download any file from the Internet directly to the cloud on iOS

One of the main claims to the mobile version of Safari from users uncomfortable is implemented the loading mechanism. Not only that you can not download any file, because of the lack of indication can monitor how long the download. However, due to the application of the “Team” that Apple released simultaneously with the release of iOS 12, this problem any more is not. It is important to know what to do.

It turns out that even in Safari, you can implement full-fledged download Manager that is compatible with any files that you can download directly to cloud storage. For this you need to use a special command called File Downloader: just save it on your device (download).

Important: due to limitations of the operating system just download the file on the device itself will not work. To do this, be sure to choose the cloud storage that is compatible with the app “Files” and from there move it to the memory of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

How to download a file from the Internet through Safari

To download any file from Internet, you must open it in a separate tab, press “Share” in the upper right corner, choose “Team” and in the opened window choose File Downloader.

The beauty of Teams is that if necessary you can make changes in the process of performing a particular task. For example, you can choose a cloud service where the file to be loaded in advance, and you can teach the team to ask about this at the time of loading.

You can also save downloaded files with the default name, and you can select it directly before saving. You can assign extract the zip file immediately after downloading, and much more.

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