How to downgrade to iOS 11 if it wasn’t a demo version iOS 12 for you

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After you install the demo version of the operating system iOS 12 you may find yourself wishing for a return to iOS 11, but you will lose some data, you will need to have access to a computer contains the latest version of iTunes and cable Lightning, in addition to almost an hour of the time “depending on the speed of your Internet connection”.

If you created a backup on iTunes is encrypted from your device before upgrading to iOS 12, you’ll need to use the same computer to restore your device to iOS 11.

If you do not create a backup of your device using iTunes before you install iOS 12, you’ll need to restore your iPhone your device as new, and the backup icon is not compatible with previous versions, which means that you can’t refer to iOS version 11 and use the backup copy of the icon was created using the iOS operating system 12 so you can get apps, messages and photos.

Mechanism refer to iOS 11

Connect your iOS device on your computer to open it iTunes, once you delegate the situation to recognize your iOS device, put the device in recovery mode, where the process constipation some buttons until the device restarts, but do not use it until you see the logo iTunes on the screen of the device, in the following sets of buttons that you need to know:

  • IPhone 6S and older: press and hold the Home button and sleep button/Wake Up.
  • IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus: press and hold the button Sleep/Wake button and the volume down.
  • IPhone X and iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus: press the volume up and launched, followed by a right-click volume down, then press and hold the button Sleep/Wake.

Once the logo appears, iTunes on the screen of the device, will allow you to program iTunes on your computer by the detected device in recovery mode and ask him what if you want to restore or update your device, select Restore to start the download process.

If took download a very long time and the iOS device running the same out of recovery mode, repeat the previous steps and select the restore again, as if you made a backup of iTunes, select it from the list of backups to complete the restore operation, if not select Set up the device as new.

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