How to do technical companies in convince you to buy their products

Up to the stage to stand in a serious pose in front of your smartphone, yell loudly and ask him to go or resign, threaten him late and he that does not keep up and that goes back to the earlier era and his performance is typical, of course, will not reach that stage only after the device physically, and then think about change seriously, the intervention sites and browse the offers and buy a new phone and start with phase, which may last for many years.

There’s another quality of people, not standing serious with their smart phones, and screaming, and gets between them any differences, they are stable and perform tasks to the satisfaction of their souls and feel their needs, but they though fast breathing not seldom meet with them, you find them in every year to change their old phones with modern ones, but the reason may be is that companies succeed in convincing them to purchase easily, so how is it done? How to survive those?

In every company there is a significant section called “marketing” its primary task is how to convince you to purchase, behind this small objective there’s big science, and many of the ways resorted to by companies to reach your pocket, smoothly taking part of your money in exchange for your product you may not need to.

Let’s look at the following lines highlight the Technical Products and the methods used by some companies to convince you to buy their products, and it will be our biggest focus is on technical projects involving the platform Kickstarter, a region specialized in the financing of entrepreneurial projects collectively and community, which is no longer the focus view of young pioneers, but became big companies bother to publish their new products.

Success in the project funding platform Kickstarter depends mainly on the ability to market the product and convince the public funding or booking a copy of it before emergence, depends on the video which explains the idea in two or three minutes and one page is formatted as best as you can, as we have seen from the regular projects received a great deal of funding because of the way marketing and found the owners to convince the user for funding, and in turn projects not only find a little bit of support, and price; marketing.

Properties don’t need

In the world of technology, products move at an accelerated pace, hardly lasts product even comes another more than with characteristics of or the feature wasn’t available, the characteristics of the nurses don’t stop coming in, did give satisfaction to you now may not be enough tomorrow, but the problem is that most of those characteristics you are in the fact of the matter is: you don’t need.

Organizers of the marketing of products making the best of their in to show the new features and try to convince you that you need it: at the end of the show out of the background that your life will change after getting it home, you may wonder yourself: how do you live without these important characteristics, and while up to this question to your mind, then think marketer that has succeeded in the task described to the sine of the wider doors.

This phenomenon clearly in regards to smart phones, what exists now of the phones are modern enough to increase, it was the phone that was released 3 years ago is enough to increase, and today and yesterday There are a lot of versions and models that are enough to increase, a lot of properties available in your current phone do not use and do not need, nevertheless it might cost you tens or hundreds of dollars, and will provide other characteristics not needed in the models of the latest and you will find yourself exuberant to get them.

One of the examples on this word, the product that appeared on Kickstarter last May in the name of “Time Since Launch“, a digital clock never stops once you pull the trigger the tee, use them to remember certain moments or important events (such as the birth of your son or the day of your graduation), this property is only provided by the product no one needs and no one thinks about it, a human life will not save lack of her, but with that I got the product on the support boat 80 thousand dollars, and all this because: the marketing of properties that don’t need one.

Opportunities that don’t come back

One of the effective methods used in the platform Kickstarter, which lead to blockbuster users to support the book House, are the prices varying based on the precedence of the reservation, and the limited-per-view, the Exchange now and your copy of the device, you may not find that special offer if you come back tomorrow, so you can find a lot of people who did not kill 100% or who do not need the product effectively, it helps to buy for fear of loss of opportunity.

One of the most prominent examples of such a method, the submarine project-oriented depicting underwater “Navatics MITO”, a project that started end of May last, and still gets funding after having reached 90 thousand dollars, while the price of the submarine may be relatively high (1200$) However, this price is no longer available, it was available for the first 50 people only, and the price available now is $ 1,300, leaving room for only 9 people, the Exchange now and your own version of the device, you won’t reach him only $ 1400 dollars !!

Thus the price of the product in hard until it reaches 1800 dollars, of course, target isn’t selling so high price, but its stimulation on booking the house since the first starting-point, and thus successfully funded in his first days he drew attention to it because of the speed of its financing and attracting people to you, as you know, people are attracted to is not the ski it even if it was normal.

In the platform Kickstarter and other product specialists to sell and launch products, is the use of the term “early bird”, the literal translation of this phrase is “early bird” or bird of morning that comes before the Assembly, a term which has become commonplace when you book and buy products, it gets the price of “early bird” it mostly will get a cheaper rate, and in the platform Kickstarter to find them divide the price from lowest to highest using these titles:


Highlight something unusual

We have a lot of technical products that carries a lot of characteristics of the gas level, sometimes we use the phone or device long years, and then surprised that the property or feature that we didn’t know of their existence, though we need not, and perhaps you purchase another device to do that task and you have a device that has the same property, it’s all in the light of the evolution of technology and the expansion of its field that it is difficult for the person to absorb it and follow all new.

From this point, give some companies an outlet to reach your pocket, the company may launch a new product and then take one of the main features of the way to market, although it may be a property of unusual available in other products, however the company donated this property, and then create an aura commotion and used the arts of Marketing, so the consumer thinks they have come to what did not come out first.

The conclusion of the …

Market buying and selling in the technical world is very different from other markets, in the clothing market like, things are clear and choices are limited, either in the market of technical products fine on the consumer to learn a lot so that he can take the decision to buy is intact, and that requires products that enrich his life and help him to accomplish his works, or vice a victim for a technique that will only be used to have emptied all the pocket money.

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