How to do Navigation Gestures in the application Google Chrome

Experimental features to the Chrome browser on phones can be activated from the settings hidden, you have to monitor you by features subtle can get, today we see the world the way you do the navigation gestures.

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When you do water the steps below, you can move from one page to another gesture, drag from left to right back and vice versa forward. And water regardless of the development system are you using on the phone, the navigation buttons or gestures.

Activation gestures Chrome

1 – open the application to chrome on Android and enter “chrome://flags” on address bar.

2 – after moving to a new page, search for “area nav,” the search terms.

3 – after that, you’ll find the option “History navigation with gesture”, click on the box “Default” and then choose the activation option “Enable”.

4 – after that will appear window button to re-launch the application “Relaunch Now” from the bottom of the page, click it.

5 – finished! After re-launching Chrome, you can then use gestures, back and forward, by the right and left.

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