How to disable Windows appear asking to rate the app in iOS

Despite the fact that iOS 10.3, Apple has modified the evaluation system BY allowing developers to invoke a dialogue with a request to put a rating in the app, some users are still annoyed when the content overlaps something of an outsider. How to disable the appearance of the on screen Windows for evaluation in the material

Evaluation of applications for iOS

  • To disable the display of the dialog with the rating, you must go to Settings — iTunes Store and App Store

  • Scroll through the list of available sections down and disable the toggle next to “ratings and reviews”

Why is it important

Disabling this option will make the screen of your iPhone is cleaner, but it will deprive you of the opportunity to influence the development of a favorite app. Deciding to take this step, think again, because feedback is very important for software developers and allows them to improve their product in accordance with the requirements of the users.

If you have already disabled the dialog boxes. but I wish to put app or write a review, it still can be done. To do this go to App Store, find the program you selected and leave feedback, which, no doubt, will not remain without attention of the developer.

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