How to disable WhatsApp automatically save photos and videos

WhatsApp has become extremely popular among smartphone users, becoming one of the best instant messengers today. In addition to sharing messages and calls, app users can easily share pictures and even videos with each other. But there’s all this downside. The program automatically downloads pictures and other multimedia, much “hitting” on your device’s memory. Fortunately, this can easily be stopped.

WhatsАpp has quite flexible settings

How to make WhatsApp not automatically upload photos and videos

It is actually quite simple and completely “lose” files you do not need. But now you will decide what content you should upload to your device, and what — not. To begin, launch WhatsApp and click on the icon, made in the form of three points. It is located in the upper right corner. This is the main application settings. Then choose “Settings” — “data Usage and storage”.

In the section “Auto media download” you should see three options of downloading content: when you use cellular network when the Wi-Fi connection and when you are roaming. Uncheck each of these items (or leave the ones you want) and then click “OK”.

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Now, in order to download any item, you will need to click on it in the dialogue. Otherwise, it won’t take up too much space on your gadget. But that’s not all. We “weaned” WhatsApp automatically save messages. But he has certainly managed to score our memories with a mass of most useful information. However, personally, to remember what and where you have downloaded and clean the smartphone manually is not necessary. By the way, if you know some life hacks that can make using WhatsApp and not only, feel free to share them with other users in our chat in Telegram.

To remove unnecessary data easier

How to delete data downloaded by WhatsApp

To manage storage of the building is also quite simple. Log in to the familiar General settings by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen. Then choose “Settings” — “data Usage and storage” — “storage Usage”. Here is a list of contacts with whom you correspond. Click on each one to see how much memory is your chat with that person or group of persons, as well as a breakdown by category of data — videos, photos, documents and so on.

To quickly clear the debris from the smartphone, tap “Manage” at the bottom of the screen before each category you will see a tick. If you want to remove all files and messages, leave all the checkboxes in its place. If you need to preserve something of this, for example, you want to remove a photo and video, leaving the correspondence, simply highlight the relevant paragraphs. Now press the “Clear” and enjoy the work of the smartphone, which has become much more free storage space.

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