How to disable the annoying labels in-app notifications Facebook

Are tired of always mosalasi eyes red dots that continuously appear on the tabs, Groups, Video Watch or others in your Facebook app? Well, the popular social network can slightly loosen its grip in the endless war for your attention. Now Facebook is testing a special switch so you can disable those red labels in-app notifications on your home screen.

Until now, users had to manually open each of these sections in Facebook to remove the maddening notifications. But now get ready to feel a slight breeze of long-awaited change, as Facebook from now on, you will feel more relaxed and concentrate on what you really wanted to do when I opened the app.

Many people can’t feel safe if you constantly see these red dots, asking that they clicked and psychological feature, which successfully uses Facebook. The company apparently realizes that her unfair way of attracting the audience’s attention can have negative consequences, because that is why some people are reluctant to go into Facebook (or don’t do it in the first place).

Setting Facebook Notification Dots were first discovered in the form of a prototype specialist in reengineering Jane Manchun Wong (Jane Manchun Wong), hidden in the application code for Android earlier this summer. Today, consultant on social media Matt Navarre noticed that this feature is still under public testing. And today Facebook has officially confirmed to TechCrunch that it is indeed a new global test, which recently launched on iOS and Android for a small number of users.

Facebook plans to introduce more ways to personalize the notifications that you have not missed something that is important, but not crazy from their molestation. The ability to disable the shortcuts notifications is likely to be available to all users, unless it suddenly will lead to lower attendance Facebook.

How to disable shortcuts notifications in Facebook

If you are lucky and you have access to this functional testing, you will find long-awaited option to your Facebook application in itself is extremely tab Menu > Settings and privacy > Settings > Notifications > Notification Dots. There you can choose which sections/tabs will display shortcuts, notifications: Video, Watch, Profile, Groups, Menu.

The only section/tab where you can turn off the red labels and Notificationsthat actually makes sense, as it is the primary way in which the application alerts you on activity in your profile and content. But since you already get notifications about new articles in groups or when you’re tagged in pictures, labels notifications in other tabs simply excessive.

If you want to control what notifies you section Notice, click Menu > Settings and privacy > Settings > Notifications > notification Settings. Here you can see a list of your notifications and turn them off if you are tired of hearing about friends who start collecting donations, reminders about upcoming events or comments under your message in the group. Visit the notification Settings you can also disable the notification sound from Facebook, disable them for certain groups or applications, to reduce the frequency of alerts “on this day” and choose which notifications will also be duplicated to email and/or SMS.

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