How to disable AutoPlay media in Safari

Each user at least once faced with the web sites on which the transition starts automatically played video content. Sometimes it can be convenient, but in most cases the auto play is only a hindrance and a distraction. Today we’ll show you how to solve this problem once and for all.

MacOS High Sierra Apple introduced in Safari is a useful tool that allows you to limit such actions from the web sites. And to set the ban can be for certain, and for all web pages at once.

Start the Safari browser. Go to “Settings” and find the section “Web sites”. Select the item “auto play”. A full list of web sites where you can set them up right.

The choice will be presented three points:

  • Always allow the automatic playback of the content.
  • Only for files without sound to allow playback only for video not having audio.
  • Never — disable the automatic playback of any video.

How to configure settings for all other sites, which is not listed? To do this, simply select the desired option under the “when visiting other websites”.

How to set AutoPlay on the current tab?

Go to the “Safari” menu -> “Settings for this website”. It remains only to specify options at its discretion.

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