How to disable auto-update in iOS that 12? Why would you care about that?

Came iOS system 12 with the Automatic Update System, which enables you to get the latest updates without any intervention from you, complete what you started Apple TV in 2013 allowing the wearer the advantage of automatic updates for apps in iOS 7.

Prior to iOS 12 was the operating system should be the user of the arrival of a new update and then gives you the option to agree to install it by entering the pass code to the phone, but now it’s done automatically without any user intervention.

Will the user notice should be the arrival of the update, and then when the phone connects to the charger and Wi-Fi with will start to update automatically.

And to make it more smooth, like Apple in that you learn the way you use the device anonymously i.e. without confusion of the identity of the user, in order to forecast the best time to Can the Download updates.

But certainly, despite these great developments, but a large segment of users prefer to manage updates themselves, so I didn’t enjoy the company of Reputation is not ideal when it comes to updates and some users prefer the use of a certain version of the system for some reason.

That is why we offer but a way to cancel the Automatic Update feature easily through the settings:

First: through your device settings, head to General and choose Software Update.

Second: choose Automatic Updates, “in case there were updates pending, will appear there.”

Third: Press the key next to Automatic Updates to disable the option.

It is worth mentioning that this feature existed before in the macOS is definitely useful on all devices, except for some cases where the user is aware that he will need to his phone for an urgent call or something like that, so that the phone is in the update status can not receive and make any kind of contact.

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