How to disable auto update apps on Android

Update – this is a very contradictory phenomenon, regardless of their affiliation. Often along with the innovations they carry a wide range of problems from failures in performance of certain functions to the changes in the layout of interface elements that have to get used again. But if updates of the Android operating system the vast majority of users can not be afraid, with updates of apps, things are different.

For the convenience of Google built in Google Play automatic update mechanism apps. However, as practice shows, more and more users seek to disable it. First, so you can be certainly sure that the application is not updated without your knowledge. And, secondly, so you are guaranteed not to lose in the early months of precious traffic, which most operators are not unlimited.

Disable automatic download updates

To disable auto-update apps, you must do the following:

  • Launch Google Play, open the context menu swipe from the left edge of the screen and go to “Settings”;
  • Open the tab “Auto-update apps” and select “Never”.

Now all updates will be released for the applications installed on your smartphone, will be established only in manual mode and only with your consent. However, if you care about the risk of overruns of traffic, it is recommended to activate the option “Auto-update apps only when connected to Wi-Fi”. And the traffic will keep, and will on a regular basis to use current versions of applications.

  • To check for updates to installed apps, go to Google Play “My apps & games” “Updates”;
  • Locate the application for which you want to download the update, and click “Update”.

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