How to delete Google Plus account your

How to delete Google Plus account your

Experienced network Google Plus quick changes in a row during the financial period, after that I Google first, it’s going to the end point in the month of August due to the discovery of a serious vulnerability caused data leaks half a million users, then came back before the days to this date to April due to the discovery of a new vulnerability.

In the middle of this procedure, Gas Safe, perhaps the most important question, and the father of each of the used network Google Plus, which was launched for the first time in 2011, is : how can I delete my account permanently from the network.

If you are thinking about or have taken this decision already, here’s a simplified way of implementation .

How to delete Google Plus account your

In the beginning you have to be assured that you delete your account on the Google Plus, will not affect in any way on the state of your primary account on Google .

Delete Google Plus account through the app :

  • Open the application of Google Plus on your phone
  • Click on the menu triangular from the top right of the app
  • Select Settings Settings
  • Go down a little and select Delete Google+ Profile
  • You will be redirected to site Google Plus on the web to finish the procedure cancel the account.

Delete Google Plus account from the web

  • Open the network Google Plus from your browser
  • Press menu from the top right and select Settings Settings
  • Go down a bit and choose to Delete your Google+ profile
  • Confirm password Your by completing puzzles.

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