How to delete an application that refuses to delete on Android

Sooner or later corresponds to the level of the Android application can’t delete it in the usual ways, due usually to two things.

The powers of the management device

While most of the applications permissions is simple when you install them, ask a few applications –the likes of which turn in the lock of the phone– the validity of the device management, so the Uninstall of the second type requires a stripped of the authority to manage the device, how?

Seeking to apply the settings for the “project device” or “Device Manager” option is included, usually under Settings, Security and privacy, and on Samsung devices you find inside the lock screen and security > security settings again.

When you get to the preparation of the draft device, you’ll find the option to cancel the activation , which entitles you to then delete the app in the normal way.

Pre-installed applications

Come smartphone a lot of applications that consume space of internal storage and other resources such as the radio and the internet.

This app can’t uninstall it normally in the traditional way of clicking with prolonged drag the icon “uninstall”, but you may find some –especially games, without system apps– can uninstall it by going Settings > Apps then choose the app on.

For the rest of the apps you don’t use it appears you the option of deactivation that can do it also from Settings > Apps then choose the app on, knowing that this option does not delete the app but it says to disable it entirely, which means the Prevention of the consumption of device resources except the storage capacity which is how long it takes.

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