How to delete all data from your smartphone before selling

Today smartphone owners, due to various reasons, often change your gadgets. After buying a new phone the old, were usually sold on one of the virtual sites. But, using the phone, we maintain there is a lot of personal data. And before selling this data you want to delete. But just “move to trash” everything that is written on the device is not enough. Now we will tell you how to prepare your smartphone for sale without fear of leakage of personal data.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is to reset the phone to factory settings. But this does not guarantee safety. Why? Yes, because deleted data is easily restored.

Not so long ago, Avast, a company engaged in the solutions to the problems of security software, bought 20 on eBay for used mobile phones and used in the public access, restored a lot of information on these devices, including photos, search queries and even some credit card data.

Reset settings was also discovered by some researchers at Cambridge University in the first major study of security features of Android. Researchers have tested a number of used Android devices running different Android versions and found that in all cases they were able to recover the account credentials used for authentication after entering the password the first time from such providers as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp. In 80 percent of cases they were able to restore the master token.

“The main token is, in fact, a key to the front door. After the restoration of the main token, you can recover the file the user credentials and re-sync all data from your device, including email, cloud photos, contacts and calendars.”

How to reset factory settings, deleting all your data

The main thing you can do is encrypt your phone. The ability to enable encryption of the phone can be in different menu options depending on the model, so keep that in mind.

As a rule, you need to proceed to item Settings — Security — Encryption. If your phone comes with Android 6.0 or above, the option may already be enabled by default.

When device encryption use strong, randomly generated password that contains a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Password length must be at least 11 characters.

In addition, after the reset the phone, flash memory can still be filled with some important data. In Play store there are several applications, such as Secure Erase with iShredder 6that will help you clean this part of your device before selling. After you “walk” of this program on the system, that someone will be able to recover your data, you will not survive. The probability of leakage will be minimized.

You sold when you sold your phone? Used the reset to factory settings? Share your thoughts in the comments and in our official chat in Telegram.

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