How to create backup of all iPhone data without iTunes

Among iPhone owners is very popular procedure is “cleaning” the device from unnecessary files to gain more free memory. The smaller the amount of internal phone memory, so as a rule, often have to perform this operation. Sometimes it is even useful, but in the process of this “cleansing” can accidentally delete important files like messages, contacts and photos. Therefore, before these procedures, you must make a backup of the iPhone.

Of course, it is desirable to backup and manage files of the device was carried out in one place is both more convenient and safer. Not long ago, we discovered an interesting utility called DearMob iPhone Manager, which not only is a full replacement for iTunes, but also has many useful features, including a file Manager and is able to perform a full backup iPhone without iTunes and recover partial files (contacts, photos, books and other).

This is a great solution not only to save your files in case of loss or malfunction of the phone and to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone. For example, if you decide to upgrade your device, you can create a backup and restore it to the iPhone XS iPhone or XR.

The app functionality in General referred to similar to iTunes: there’s a handy file Manager, which allows you to manage the content available on your gadget. For example, hence you can easily download photos from iPhone to computer or Vice versa, in a few clicks to upload his film images from the computer. One of the nice options is the ability to export photos in the format .JPG, and not .HEIC.

To make a backup in one click at any time, and the process takes less time than in the same iTunes. If the full backup is not required, you can always selectively restore files, contacts, photos, apps and even SMS. This moves to the main section of the app and go to the list of categories — music, video, photos, contacts and so on. Any data type can be copied to a computer or, respectively, to add something from PC to smartphone or tablet. While iTunes is not needed.

To export messages from iPhone will be enough to open the appropriate tab, mark the desired SMS, press the copy files to the computer in the upper right corner and choose the destination folder. After a few seconds and the selected message will be in the computer’s memory in the folder that you specify. The situation with other kinds of files are almost identical.

App DearMob iPhone Manager can also be used to use your device as a secret of the flash drive. From the special tab you can easily add files on your iPhone and encrypt them, thus the file system of the gadget will not see them. The ability to encrypt photos, videos, or other file is also in the section “Data Security”: the encryption is done by several algorithms, including 1024-bit RSA, 256 bit AES, PBKDF2, Argon 2, and others.

It is worth noting the function of removing DRM which can be used to remove any restrictions on the movie uploaded in iTunes, as well as music and books. This allows you to transfer them later on any device (even Android!). In addition, the program is able to download phone music not from the iTunes Storethat when using native solutions is due to a serious inconvenience, to copy application data and in fact do so-called “clones” of devices.

The only snag in the operation of the program may occur due to the lack of the Russian language, but overall the interface is logical and intuitive. The backup feature is an important reason to download this app for Mac or Windows. There are both paid and free trial version available of the capabilities DearMob iPhone Manager. By the way, the paid version is now handing out almost free, details here. The program is available for download from the link below.

Name: DearMob iPhone Manager
Publisher/developer: DearMob, Inc
Price: Free / 65,95 dollar
In app purchases: No
Compatibility: OS X / Windows
Reference: Install

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