How to create a system of e-learning easily free

To be a teacher is challenging the world responsible for the education of our young people and often they don’t get all the tools they need to improve the overall success of the command but can help a little bit, there are apps in the current time it can make this process easy and convenient for it is through these tools can complete its task in very high quality.

Class123 is a free application to manage the classroom is of the best applications in this field where he deals with a lot of basic things, including individual reactions, and record keeping as well as good communication between teacher and students, and also the application contains features to consider, such as the functions that regulate the time as also the watch and alarm in addition to the possibility of screen sharing, most teachers who try this app and enjoy it once to believe it. Also, the developer has apps for parents and students as well. Where all three applications together to get a better learning environment for everyone.

ClassDojo is a virtual room which allows teachers, students and parents to interact with each other as well as teachers can use the statute to send alerts to parents send their feedback to the students and even the receipt of coursework. It’s a way to help keep everyone with each other. The best part about the product is that it is free for everyone. It’s easy enough to use. You set up the classroom to the statute and then ask the parents to download the app.

Edmodo is another app for the classroom, but this has some features that make it advanced from the other. Through it you can create a semester by default, where students can deployment and duties, and also collaborate with teachers (and can also include parents), and track progress in these interfaces, anyone can download files, photos, and videos, there are also features to help parents, teachers and students communicate better.

Google Classroom is a project of Google in the creation of the virtual classroom, and in this app it’s free. Schools can use it also. Where will all the students on her e-mail, and storage capacity in the storage account of the student on the application. In addition teachers will be able to assign work to students, receiving work from students and communicate with students and parents. It’s one of the special application knowledge which is a must. You can already access a range of Google Drive where you can storage it how you want.

PBS Kids Video is a free resource from PBS featuring over 1000 video tutorial for children. It also includes the learning objectives of the materials. You can also buy shows from Google Play if necessary. This is an excellent source if you want to add some video to your learning plan. Children always love to learn through video, in any case, isn’t it? Most of the content is free with the new stuff released constantly. It’s a good way to teach and entertain children for quite some time.

Seesaw: it comes with a great idea. It is already used in over 200,000 classrooms across the United States. The app works just like any application to manage the page, but it seems like a more enjoyable experience for teachers and students. Teachers can follow what he’s doing to students and how they do. Students, have the possibility to interact with the teacher in cases of emergency or in case of their need for help. You can schedule activities, and maintain daily tasks for each student, the app features other excellent also. Boast developers that it is always free for teachers, the app cost $ 12.99 for the full version which includes more features. It also has some blue-chip valuations of the teachers who tried it already.

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