How to create a backup of the Windows 10 and restore it

Likely to face of the tablet storage to your computer, personal problems, or may get your device to one of the malware causing the loss of some important data, so it is very important to make a backup copy of Windows 10 with all of the data stored on them periodically to avoid these problems through the restoration of the fabric easily, which is what we will get with you today periodically.

How do you create a backup of the Windows 10

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on system and security
  3. Click on the Create and restore a backup
  4. Click on the action create an image of the system.
  5. Down “where you want to save the backup files?” Click on saving option to disk storage, which is preferably a tablet external storage.
  6. Select the section that you want to save your copy of the hard drive.
  7. Press start to create a backup.
  8. After creating a backup copy tops the approval of process Repair Disk system to access system recovery in case of failure of the departure Windows.

How do you restore a backup of the Windows 10

  1. Connect tablet to external storage that contains the backup of your device.
  2. Connect the flash disk holds a copy of the new Windows Device.
  3. Restart the computer.
  4. In the install Windows window click on next
  5. Press the button to fix computer down.
  6. Click on troubleshoot
  7. Tap on the option System Restore
  8. Choose Windows 10
  9. In the window to get a picture the system choose the latest version available of Windows 10
  10. Click on the following
  11. In the case of restoring a full copy from the System disc storage is new, you can choose “scan and split” in order to erase all data before restoring the version.
  12. Finally press Next and then finish, and then confirm the desire to replace the new version of data hard disk.

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