How to copy and paste screen shots of computer Mac in iPhone apps

If you take a screenshot on a Mac, and want to access through your iPhone. You can do this through a simple set of steps.

Using a property of the overall portfolio the Universal Clipboard, you can easily capture images from your Mac and transfer them to iPhone apps such as Notes or Mail or any of the social media apps. Here’s how to paste screen shots of Mac in iPhone apps.

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The use of tool screen Screen Utility

Allows you to use the “tool screen” on your Mac, take screenshots of your screen, a quick and easy way to save the image in the “clipboard” Clipboard.

1) open the tool screen by using the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + 5.

2) when you open the tool, click the button “options” the Options.

3) under the option of “Save to” Save to, select clipboard Clipboard.

نسخ ولصق لقطات شاشة حاسب Mac في تطبيقات iPhone

Continued to capture a snapshot of your screen. When you’re done, you’ll be in the ” overall portfolio ” Universal Clipboard.

Use the keyboard shortcut

There is another way through which you can copy screenshots to the clipboard using the keyboard shortcut, by the Control key. For example, suppose you take a screen shot of the full computer Mac.

Are usually take a screen shot using Command + Shift + 3. But to copy it directly to clipboard, use Command + Control + Shift + 3 instead. Basically, you only need to add the Control key to choose the keyboard in the screen shot.

Paste the screen shot of your

Whatever method you use to copy the screen shot to the clipboard, the paste on the iPhone is easy. Open the application which you want to paste the screen shot on the iPhone. For example, we’ll use the Notes application.

1) Click and hold in the place of your app where you want the screen shot.

2) select Paste when the menu is open small.

نسخ ولصق لقطات شاشة حاسب Mac في تطبيقات iPhone

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