How to control your PC remotely via your smart phone “Android”!

Do you want a full remote control your computer, whatever was after him?! You can use the application “Tim Fugger” TeamViewer, install it on your smart phone, to provide full control over your PC as if you were sitting in front of him, as long as your computer and your phone connected to the internet.

We’re here to control a computer running Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Phone is our smartphone which is running Android.

To do that, go to this link, and install the application “Tim fior: remote control” TeamViewer: Remote Control on your phone.

Open the app, and press “Next” button to pass through the operating instructions, down to the “has been” Done, to avoid in front of you main screen.

Now, log in to this link on your computer, a link to the website to download the program “Tim Fugger” TeamViewer on your computer. Download the software, install it on your computer, by following the steps as in the picture at the bottom.

Now, the program is installed “Tim Fugger” TeamViewer on your computer, as shown in the screen of the main program, it’s in front of you a special number to you Your ID and password Password.

Now, go back to your smart phone, which opens upon the application of the “Tim Fugger” TeamViewer, enter the number of your computer and Your ID and the Password, and the phone connect with your computer.

After the success of the phone connection with the PC, will appear on the screen of the phone the screen of your pc, with full control in the movement of the mouse as if you were sitting in front of your device and your.

Not only this, you can use the “Tim Fugger” in the process of transferring files from your computer to your phone by selecting “File Transfer” File Transfer instead of the “remote control” Remote Control, while entering the device number ID and password in the main screen. After the connection is successful, you will be able access all the files on your computer over the phone.

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