How to control what to show you ads Google

Give us Google several wonderful services such as Gmail, photos, Google Add to the Android system, but still Google is basically a search company called mirrors, and that’s why they are always trying to come up with the best advertising to suit its users different, and why we may see extraneous ads show us something we have searched for someone else, so we will explain you today how to customize the ads Google that appear to you.

How to reserve a specific ad within Google services

  • While using the you search Google on your phone and the Declaration you want to block forever, click on , then click on “why am I seeing this ad” and then click on the “stop the ads from this advertiser”.
  • While using youtube, press on , then press the “stop seeing this ad”.
  • While using Gmail, press on , then press “control such ads” and then click on the “block this advertiser”.

How to reserve a specific declaration within other sites

  • In the upper-right corner of the ads Google, click on it and choose “stop seeing this ad”.
  • If you think that this ad is in breach of the policies of Google, press , and select “report this ad”.

Control ads based on interests

Say Google collects all the information that you know about you in order to find out what your interests are different across what you’re looking for always, and by visiting the ads settings here, you can know what you think of Google, it’s in your interests, in case I found something I’ve been looking for a friend or someone else and add it as one of your own interests, you can simply select it and press the button to cancel the activation and then refresh the page to make sure delete anything you don’t want to by the appearance of his declarations addressed to you.

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