How to connect Android phone to a TV

No doubt we want sometimes to view the videos from our phone on the screen of the TV to display clearer and share the viewing with friends or family, so we show you several ways to allow that easily.


Provide maker of smart screens such as Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG, Panasonic, screen Supports Wi-Fi connection, which you can easily view media from your phone on the TV screen.


Some of the free apps let you transfer photos and videos, including the application iMediaShare, photos & Music.
You can through the iMediaShare play videos in succession automatically, in addition to the possibility to install the application on the TV.

Download the app iMediaShare: Click here

The chromecast

Allows you device displays the content of your smart phone or tablet, all you need is to apply Google home, which is available free on the Play Store, and connect the device to HDMI in the TV.

Download application Google home: Click here

Cable MHL

Using this method you can plug your phone or tablet to the TV via HDMI.

Because phones don’t have HDMI port, used phones MHL port which links a record has been manufactured to reach the ability to connect Android phones Smart TVs modern, i.e., socket to convert USB to HDMI.

To check if your device supports MHL cable: Click here

SlimPort cable

Very much like the previous method, but different exits, as support SlimPort HDMI,VGA,DVI,DisplayPort, making it suitable for various screens, but recently devices have become compatible with the SlimPort cable rare.

To check if your device supports SlimPort cable: Click here

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