How to configure the management PUBG Mobile

Despite the lack of official support for Bluetoothcontrollers, it PUBG Mobile the best use of the controls on the touch screen you have ever seen on a smartphone. The game allows you to customize the location and size of every button and item on the screen, so you can pick the perfect location that corresponds to the measurements of your device and hands.

In this article we will tell and show you how to customize all the controls for a more successful game, and note separately some other advanced settings controls that you will definitely want to try.

How to change management in PUBG Mobile

The developers have simplified the process so you can quickly and easily adjust the touch control as you like — and even during a game session. Clicking on the gear icon on the home screen or on the screen during gameplay will take you to the main settings, where there is also a section with the control settings. Usually, when you first start any game we’re going to customize the controls in PUBG Mobile, as I said, their customization is maximally rich.

Control settings on the page “Basic” allows management of a crossbow and a shotgun so that a shot of them carried out when you press the fire button or when you release. Here you can also configure some of the controls and gyro. We later touch on these controls, now go to the tab “Manage”.

At first we were met by three General schemes of traffic control and aiming:

Figure 1:the Left side of the screen is for movement, right side is for aiming. The fire button is fixed on the right side. This scheme is selected by default and is very easy to use.

Figure 2: the Left side of the screen is for movement, right side is for aiming with a floating fire button that follows your thumb. This scheme gives you an advantage when you always keep your thumb on the trigger, but it is a little harder to get used to, and the probability of failure is quite high.

Diagram 3: the Whole screen can be used for aiming, with a fixed stick for movement and a fixed fire button. This is the best option for use with with special holders for the smartphone, which has a dedicated stick, touching the screen for a simplified and more tactile control character.

The standard layout of elements on the screen is created so that it is easy to use, but depending on the used device and accessories, you also have the opportunity otherwise to adjust the position and size of all on-screen buttons. This is a big yellow “Configure”button.

Once again, what PUBG Mobile allows full customization of all controls on the touch screen, and allows you to do all this on the fly. For easy setting of any element on the screen you only need to touch it and drag in the desired area on the screen and in the top panel to adjust the size or transparency.

You can save three different schemes, but also note that the third scheme is called “large icons” and it is a standard scheme, but with large icons. This scheme is for obvious reasons great for beginners. I would also recommend for large phones and tablets.

Special attention should be paid the same layout which I would call “palchat”. It involves the location of the smartphone in the hands so that your thumbs were down, and two of the index finger could press the buttons at the top of the screen. Such a scheme would require the displacement of cards from her standard seat in the right corner of the screen to be able to place increased fire button, and in the left corner click run. Fire button and aim should ideally fall under the location of your index finger. This control scheme allows you to focus your thumbs for movement and aiming, allowing the trigger finger to do what it needs.

So abundant of the ability to control settings will be the envy of any mobile shooter. In PUBG Mobile, you can create your perfect winning combo. And if confused, you can just restore all the default settings. To truly create a winning control scheme, you have to constantly experiment and test new options for the location of elements on the screen and optimize every possible action, because that is what professionals do. A distinct addition is the inclusion of the option “Tilt to aim”, so we will consider this further.

Learn to use the “Tilt to aim” in PUBG Mobile

When you set up the control scheme, you should notice two additional buttons located next to the virtual joystick on the left. It buttons left and right tilt (vyhladavania), and although they are only additional management functions, you will probably want to see them better.

Vyhledavani — function belonging to the more advanced tactics that are not enabled by default, but you have to learn to use it. Looking allows you to stay while shooting in cover behind the corner of the building, for example, not to leave your whole body exposed to return fire. I think the reason the buttons to tilt are not part of the default schema is that the extra buttons complicates the scheme, and so they can be easily pushed by accident and endanger yourself in the crossfire.

In the “basics” section, where you can enable the “Peek and shoot”, you have the option to set the trigger action of the tilt on the “Press”, “Hold” or the option “Mixed”, which will fire both. Finding the right placement and method of using buttons tilt is very important and this is not exactly neglect those who play PUBG, and aiming for the big leagues.

Practice with a new scheme before playing a real match

It makes no sense to test a new experimental control scheme in a real match and risk losing rank. Training mode — another underrated feature in PUBG Mobile, which allows you to be at the shooting range with all combinations of weapons and ammunition available in the game. Icon this mode is almost impossible to notice on the home screen because of the abundance of graphics; this icon is similar to the target and is under the game mode selection. This is a great place to test new control schemes, and to search for perfect weapons.

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