How to configure notifications in Android

In our days, the notifications become commonplace, but for most users, this routine is not pleasant. Whatever you do and whatever the business was, an endless stream of notifications can drive any. Yes, it’s easy to turn on the “do Not disturb” and this is to some extent, solve the problem, but this solution is not ideal, because you can put the phone on the Desk or in your bag and forget about it, subsequently missing an important notification. The solution to this difficult, but urgent, problems are and we will tell about it in this article, so if you have some time, you better take advantage right now by customizing your annoying notifications, and live on in peace, like a Buddhist monk.

Note: all tips configure notifications in this material can be done on Android OS version of Oreo and higher.

Block unwanted categories of notifications

The so-called categories of notifications was added in Android Oreo, and they are a powerful tool to manage app notifications. Category notifications allow you to disable certain types of notifications (group WhatsApp messages, notifications from Google, etc.). Blocking unwanted types of notifications, you can be assured that when you receive a notification, it will be exactly what you need to check.

Categories access notifications on Android Oreo and above

  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. Select “Applications & notifications”.
  3. Click “Show all apps”.
  4. Select the app, the notifications which you want to configure.
  5. Click “Notification app”

Please note that to access these settings, and can be two other ways: press and hold to itself a notification when you receive it or gently Spybot notification to the side and click on the gear icon. If you accidentally blocked a category of notifications and want her back, follow the steps described above.

Configurable notification behavior

After you determine what notifications you really need to, you can change the way you receive them. By default, all notifications make a sound and pop up at the top of the screen. Sometimes these notifications can be distracting, and prevent this from happening, you can go in the category of the notification, as stated in the previous paragraph and go to the item “Importance”.

Here you can disable the notification sound, or leave only a pop-up window without sound. Thus, if you are waiting for a notification, you know, when you get it, but it won’t distract you unpleasant sound or pop-up in a half screen window.

Change the notification sounds

If you are used to and can’t live without sound notification, there is a simple way to optimize the way they are received. Setting a specific sound for important categories of notifications, you can instantly understand when something requires your attention, and when it came to the notice can safely and without consequence to ignore.

At this time we will again need to come in the category of notification as described in the first paragraph and click on the “Sound”. Now select any ringtone that you have saved beforehand, or create your own by pressing the plus icon at the end of the list of ringtones. Over time you will learn to identify the types of notifications to only one sound, and if you enjoy this concept, you can apply the same settings for incoming calls in the Contacts app.

Learn how to postpone important notice for later

The most important notices are in order and important that they need to immediately do something for which this notification was triggered. But even for important notifications sometimes it’s the wrong time, or perhaps the mood. In this case, the notification can be postponed for a certain period of time and receiving it again, finally, to answer (or to postpone).

To postpone a notification, swipe it to the side, click on the clock icon and choose the time you want to postpone the notification. Thus, the notification can serve as a reminder.

If you have one of the devices range Pixel and you set it beta Android Q, you have the opportunity to try a new function – new notification icon appears bell in order that you could distinguish a fresh notice from those who languish in the status bar for ages.

And you are already familiar with these tips? Use the notifications or on your phone is always on “Silent mode”?

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