How to compress files on iOS and send it to the recipient

Despite the widespread judgment about the inability to work with files on iOS, things are quite different. Apple really limits users in their right to freely interact with the file system, but leaves them all sorts of loopholes that make it more or less comfortable to interact with media, documents and files of a different kind. For example, with the help of standard tools, you can create an archive, then to send it by mail, messenger or social network.

As with the function of background play for YouTube, we will help the app “Fast team.” Thanks to him, you can not only use the ready-made commands written by users, but also create their own. So, if you can’t find any “shortcut”, set the appropriate script on your own won’t be no trouble. But we’ll cover that next time, and just focus on archiving.

How to work with files on iOS

  • In order to be able to archive the file, you will need command Zip n Share. Download it at this link and install it on your device.
  • Now select the files you want to archive. It can be documents from the cloud, applications, Files or regular pictures from regular storage on your iPhone. Select the files and press “Share”.
  • In the opened window select “Quick commands” and click on the Zip icon n Share.
  • Specify the archive name.
  • Select the app you want to send the files, and then specify the recipient.

How to extract files on iOS

If necessary, unpack the resulting archive will be useful for the Extract command Zip.

  • Download it on your device.
  • Download the archive (it will hit the app “Files”);
  • Go to “Files”;
  • Select the archive and click “Share”;
  • Select the “Quick command” — Extract Zip and choose a location to save the files from the archive.

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