How to combine multiple PDF files on Mac

Automator can rightly be called one of the most underrated apps on macOS. Alas, many users are not aware of the hidden possibilities of this utility. Nevertheless, the potential inherent in the program is really huge. Today we will talk about the script that will allow you to easily and quickly combine all PDF files into a single document.

If you work a lot with PDF files, most likely you have to use special software or online services for different operations. It’s not always convenient to facilitate these tasks using Automator.

  • You must run the app to automate actions in any convenient way;

  • In the “document Type”, select the “Quick action”;
  • You need to set “Process gets the current” to “Files and folders”;

  • Now we need to find the processes “Get selected Finder objects” and “Combine PDF pages”. For this we can use search;

  • Then add the element “Move Finder objects” is necessary to preserve the element in the right place.
  • Save the script, giving it the appropriate name. You’re done!

All that remains is to check the script in action. Selecting multiple PDF files, you need to call the context menu “Quick action” and specify the created Automator script. After that the documents will be combined into one large file. The source files will remain in their original places.

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