How to close your Facebook account once and for all?

Social media is not bad, and have a number of benefits if you will use it, but a lot of us feel that he wants to rest them for a while, especially Facebook, which is used by many of us for long periods.

If you have decided not to be on Facebook for a while or forever, or want, for any reason, termination of the existence of your account permanently, and the disc lets you this, but choose a way to close the account permanently through his closed temporarily.

In this article we show you the difference between the two methods and what they entail, and how do all of them.

To close your account temporarily

Lets you Facebook do Deactivate your account, and in this case it’s only temporary, and in this period your posts on the site, I for messages leaving as is. Upon return of the account again by just logging into your account you will find everything has returned to as it was will be your publications on the website again.

This method is suitable if you are looking for the convenience of the location and disappear from sight for a certain period, in the case that you want to clear the account don’t resort to this method completely. To do this you have to stop settings the general account and choose Deactivate You Account, and when given the choice of the site between the reasons for leaving don’t leave the choices or choose This is temporary, I’ll be back any that it’s only temporary, to allow the site to suspend your account until you enter it again.

Erase Facebook account permanently

The same steps you follow to close your account temporarily you can follow for your account permanently, with the choice of a good reason to close the account permanently. But before you do this step, you can download a copy of your data from the same menu in the settings where they will not be able to access this data again in any way, so you won’t lose anything if you do this step.

Close your Facebook account permanently will not prevent you from creating a new account sure, but there is no way back for a publication your photos and that will be final, as will your messages be final also will be the staff of your name and your feedback from all places on the site, even your name will not appear on Messenger or any image you.

Recognition of it will be you Facebook two weeks until you clear the account completely during this period can be consulted in the decision and account for life again, as if did not enter to the account they will Facebook delete your account as you wish, which became confirmed after these days.

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