How to clear your search history and location in Google Maps

Using mapping applications, some of us sometimes are looking for something there, then what I would like from your search history to delete. Happens also such that a request for a place on the map were introduced by accident and if not by accident, but you are sure that this place never to look for you don’t, you still would be certainly easier, if the tips when searching constantly did not get out something that you never came. Fortunately all of the above is not a problem, as search history on the native Android Google Maps is easy to clean or as a whole, or even individual items.

How to clear history in Google Maps

  1. Open the app, swipe from left to right and go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “History” and you will see a list with all the search parameters you typed in the search bar of the app.
  3. To remove a specific query from the search history, tap the Menu icon (three dots) and then “Remove”.
  • When a popup window appears asking you to confirm the deletion, if you agree, click “Remove”.
  • To see more details about a specific search query, click to “Menu” (three dots) Details.

If you deleted from the history of any queries, you can be sure that they will never be shown as recommended when you drive in a search string a new query. Also I want to note that deletion of a particular place or route to it will not affect other requests that are associated with that place or route.

How to disable history of your locations in Google Maps

  1. Open the app, swipe from left to right and go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “History” and then on “Menu” icon in the upper right corner and from the drop-down list, select “activity Tracking”.
  3. Scroll down to the section “location History” and slide the activation switch to the left.
  4. On the next screen, click “Disable” to confirm your locations.

  • Due to the fact that the Maps after disabling location history will no longer working as before, Google requires you to read the warning letter before you turn off the feature.

It is important to note that applying all the above settings are not sanache that now your smart phone, and therefore Google, know where you are. Disabling location history does not disable the location service in the OS. All we were able to achieve by disabling location history, turn off the save history of your location, as ironic as it may sound. Service location tracking on your smartphone will continue to work properly and every time if you have it enabled, will transmit data about your finding the Google Maps.

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