How to clean the display app in your phone creatively

If you find yourself lost and you are looking for apps even have in the end a search for her name, we’ll see you here suggestions for innovative implementation of the demo app in your phone so you can access them quickly.

Registration on the basis of the act

You can compile applications in groups called on the basis of what you do the application, such as the group “witness” includes YouTube, Twitter, into, and set “listen to” includes Spotify white and cloud.

The color of the icon of the app

The design of the application icons to reflect the functionality of the application, there is no doubt that when you remember the application you remember its icon and color, so you will arrange the display of icons by color is a good decision for ease of reference.

Alphabetical order

If you want to display order of the applications appear in alphabetical order you’ll see the option available in the app drawer of Android phones or through apps car of.

On the iPhone, you can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset the Home screen layout; this will be pre-installed application to its website will show the rest of the applications alphabetically.

Comfortable to use

This method differs according to each user’s grip hand on the phone, he sees some put frequently used apps on the sides of the screen because it is easy to access with his hand.

Themes applications

Applications that do not certain jobs you can put them in one row if you don’t like create groups, so the application of the first grade such as the development of the “daily planning” such as education and the application of quick tasks (to-do lists), the second grade reading apps favorite, so looking for a row that combines a range of similar applications to get to one.

The most commonly used

Systems view applications in groups as the most used, and try not to adorn the pages of the Home screen on the refrigerator so that they are clean and uncrowded, and you might want to allocate a row for applications that request a quick access like camera.

Sets anymore

You can hear the icons being worshipped for a Job App, its purpose, or how you feel during its use.

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