How to clean the AirPods your

كيفية تنظيف AirPods الخاصة بك

Headphones AirPod wireless Apple great sound and working perfectly with devices iPhones, which gives listeners hours of entertainment free of distortion and noise. Of course, take all this time in the cavities of the ears dark, often during the pushup racy or while practicing any other activity, which is why they need to be cleaned from time to time, and in this article we will show you the best way to implement the AirPods.

  • Why don’t we clean the AirPods!

May be the AirPods powerful, but it is definitely not waterproof or even resistant. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the fluid away when you clean it. So, don’t flood them with water to wash them, there are some rumors that the update is available for the AirPods will be more water resistant, but this has not been confirmed yet.

  • Can you use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to clean the AirPodsfor?

Can lead hydrogen peroxide or alcohol intake on a cotton bud to the cut through to remove the ear wax. But remember that the AirPods don’t think water resistance officially, so we recommend you ease into it. You can read our advice in the next lines.

If you lost the headphones AirPods and you can’t find don’t worry here’s the solution in detail

  • How to clean the AirPods

Recommend Apple by using a dry, soft cloth free from lint to remove any dirt from the outer part of the ear headphones. It can be purchased cheaply on Amazon, or if you are wearing glasses, you can always use the cloth that came with it.

  • Give cover white plastic gentle scrub must return the pickaxe quickly.

For a girl the microphone in the lower pelvis and upper-ear headphones, the cotton buds are the way to go. Then gently move the buds around these areas, taking care not to do a lot of pressure on them.

The same thing applies to that there are two people using the devices AirPods together, but this can be more challenging some thing such as a accumulation of ear wax here. To remove it, you can use a old brush or soft toothbrush or makeup brush, you can also, of course, buy one specifically for this task to avoid any mixing of horrible at a later time.

Again, you want to use a minimum of force so that they don’t learn young to learn or you pay the wax by mistake to the small voids. If the wax proves to resist, try to change the corner that protect the brush.

  • How to clean the AirPods case:

Because the bag AirPods multiply as fast charging for the Earbuds, there is a high probability to be always in your bag or your pocket. This means that they will also need a good cleaning from time to time.

Can give the outer surface of the wipe rapidly with a slightly damp cloth, or even wipe the wet, just make sure not to allow any liquids to the Lightning port at the bottom of the enclosure.

Wiping any inclusions in the blanks, small, use soft brush that we have mentioned above, networks headphones AirPod. If you find that there is accumulation of lint, you can also accept it by using a toothpick or a plastic tool of similar size.

Be very careful with this and only try to capture the lint from the upper part, instead of introducing a toothpick in the product itself. There are metal connectors in the bottom and sides of the cavity which can receive if you go with the toothpicks.

Once again, we were very careful not to apply too much pressure because you don’t want to pick up the small voids in the AirPod bug and attach themselves to the inside.

How to clean the AirPods your

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