How to clean RAM on Evo XS and XR !

Already enjoy devices iPhone memory Random Access is strong, especially the newer devices like the Evo XS and XS Max who come RAM 4 GB of RAM, and Yvonne XR which comes with 3 GB RAM, these figures although it looks small compared to the numbers that we hear in the Android phones new of which up to 10 GB RAM sometimes, but it is high performance enough to perform iPhone the high-end.

And often doesn’t need users of the iPhone to close apps in the background or cleaning the RAM, but if they wanted to. it’s that easy with iPhones old – just open the menu Shut Down by pressing the power button, then press and hold the Home button, but what about new phones like the Evo XS and XR !

How to clean RAM on Evo XS and XR :

The first step: open the Settings app, then general, select Accessibility Accessibility.

Step two: click on the option to AssistiveTouch and turn it on. Now, you’ll see a circle of gray and white on the screen.


Step two: go back again to Settings and select General, then scroll down and then click on shutdown to Shut Down.

Step four: click the circle AssistiveTouch to show the navigation menu, as shown in the picture. Now, you only need to click and hold the Home screen button “Home” virtual machine that you see there, so turn your screen to black and flashed in white.


This way you have clean the RAM on the phone Evo New your, and wipe all the processes that take place in the background and clean all the cache files.

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