How to choose a suitable and secure VPN

Confidentiality and anonymity on the Internet has long become not a luxury but a necessity. In order to use existing sites and applications in Russia, it is necessary to connect to a VPN even if the service officially working in the country (not to mention Spotify and other programs). There are many such examples because the number of geographically inaccessible services is growing every day.

It is widely believed that VPN is needed only to hackers and computer “guru”. Now it is not so — any user, if his favorite website will be unavailable, want rather to go back to it. And this can be done only through a VPN. But VPN, contrary to popular misconception, we need not only to do this: these services hide the user and the location from service providers, search engines and, of course, fraud.

This approach has many advantages. First, the provider does not have, what resources you visit and cannot lock to implement your own scripts and toolbars. In addition, all VPN see the IP address of the server, not the user. Therefore, to calculate the current location by IP is impossible.

One of the features of some services VPN — support banking-level encryption. They use the encryption algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys protecting user’s personal data. This is especially important when using public wifipoints at airports, subways, cafes and restaurants and places like that.

But! For a specific purpose, you should use a suitable application for it for VPN. For torrents is one thing, watching foreign services more, not to mention the features of the platforms. In fact, VPN services such a great variety that can be easily confused: that’s why there are sites like VPNPRO, which are essentially aggregators of VPN services.

In the Arsenal as a VPN for specific situations (decided to download the torrent or watch Netflix), and services that will provide you with anonymity on the Internet. There are paid and free app with limited traffic — you can see the pros and cons of each and decide for yourself.

We, the editors, for example, have long favored application Windscribe. There is a free version with no speed limit (only limited traffic, but 20 GB per month, many may be enough), you can choose one of dozens of servers in different countries, has a built-in firewall for added protection against unauthorized connections. But the main thing — it’s cross-platform, and use it on the iPhone a pleasure.

About this app we learned on VPNPRO, but not encourage everyone to use it — see for yourself list of the available services suddenly find something better (and cheaper).

In fact it is a very useful website that provides 100% guarantee of privacy and anonymity in the Network. There are many applications on Mac with ratings and real reviews, so you can use the service on a mobile device and on the computer.

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