How to choose a new smartphone

How to choose the right smartphone? To answer this question unambiguously is quite difficult. Impact of differences in the preferences of different users. For some, the most important condition is a reasonable price, for others, attractive appearance, and the third one only repel the degree of prestige of the brand. However, there are basic factors, which somehow draws the attention of most users. About them we will talk today.

According to the Director of development of the Russian representative office of the company Oppo Arcadia Count, users from Russia when choosing a smartphone mainly start from the three factors:

The contents

In the smartphone the most important thing

  • Battery high capacity
  • Support fast charging
  • Quality camera


By and large, the Count is right. Due to large displays and high performance the power consumption of smartphones is quite high. Therefore, to provide apparatus for more tolerable autonomy, producers are forced to increase the capacity of the batteries, finding a response among consumers, who are only too happy to each hour spent at the outlet. Think otherwise? Share your opinion in the comments or our Telegram chat.

Fast charging

The need for quick charging as if comes from the first paragraph. In the modern rhythm of life it is unacceptable that a smartphone spent at the outlet for 5-8 hours. Comfortable limit for most users – hour. But to nourish battery capacity of under 4000 mAh in such a short period of time, require support for fast charging, with a capacity of at least 18, but preferably 25 watts. The problem with earlier battery wear from high-speed charging users, as practice shows, a little worried.


Well, where without a camera. In recent years, mobile photography has not only distinguished as a separate type of art, but actually pushed out of the market cameras-the soap dish. Well who in their right mind today would buy a separate device to take photos, if modern smartphones are not only able to shoot in the light, but to do excellent pictures in the dark, as well as to zoom without loss of quality? Also the users need in a good camera is influenced by the social network. Since the main platform, where the main parties, is Instagram, today, just a shame not to carry on their own account, which should regularly receive new pictures and stories.

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Tellingly, users have practically ceased to pay attention to the display and the performance of the smartphone. The fact is, many people have started to understand that to consume the content, which for mobile devices is becoming more and more on small screens, uncomfortable. Hardware almost always comes into the bargain. The fact that almost all devices in the price segment-15-25 thousand rubles have 8 CPU cores and 6, and even 8 GB of RAM. Well, this set will be enough even to pull out the Fortnite at maximum settings, not to mention Instagram.

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