How to charge iPhone in the car without wires

Since Apple itself does not indulge us car charger included with the iPhone, many people buy it yourself. And they are not always quality: for 100-300 rubles simply can not affect further the battery status of the iPhone. The logic is simple: like works, though the USB port “crooked”, Yes, okay. However, by choosing a car charger should be approached much more seriously.

Compare car charger and home outlet in any case it is impossible (unless the car you have no outlet for 220V), since the first is much more subjected to voltage surges. A good charger should properly convert and keep one strain to protect against changes smartphone. Safe charger, the company offers Rombica (originally from Singapore), which also focuses on the practical use of accessories. For example, the manufacturer has a car holder, which can wirelessly charge any smartphone supporting the Qi, including the iPhone (starting with iPhone 8 iPhone and ending with XR).

Rombica NEO Clip in the first place is a stylish car holder for smartphone. It can be mounted both on the car windshield or dashboard using a suction Cup, and place, for example, in the vent — all the necessary attachments for this are already in the kit.

The mount is not in any one position thanks to several controllers, you can install the holder in the optimal position. Still, the cars are all different, and someone needs to set the main part a little higher and others a little to lengthen it. I liked the placement on the windshield next to the DVR. The two devices do not interfere with each other, and at the expense of long attachment to the holder do not have to constantly reach.

But if it was just the car holder, it is unlikely we would want to talk about it. NEO Clip supports wireless charging, and it is very convenient. Many use the iPhone as a car Navigator, and this mode, as is known, the charge level falls directly on the eyes. I liked the fact that the holder itself adjusts to every smartphone depending on the size and weight of the device.

The device works as a fast charging Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 also support charging mode 10 watts. In the latter case, it is necessary to use a car USB charger, which supports one of the technology fast charging.

Sometimes not worth saving, and buy yourself once a quality charger that will give stable voltage and to match the specs of the charger. Although Rombica NEO Clip with regard to its possibilities will not call expensive accessory is worth less than 2 thousand rubles. Buy wireless car charger it is possible to store M Video. Car charger is not in vain put on the first places in the list that are able to cause maximum damage to the iPhone battery. So choose high-quality accessories, if the need is there.

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