How to change the speed of the iPhone 5s on iOS 12.1.1

Update to iOS 12, as has been proven time and again, really improves the speed and performance to older devices. But how exactly the new operating system is faster in everyday tasks? To test this in practice, decided CNET, Patrick Holland. He spent the necessary measurements, and then updated my iPhone 5s with iOS 11 to the latest iOS version 12.1.1.

Online a lot of comparisons of the speed of iOS 12 and iOS 11, including on older smartphones. But most of them have lost their relevance, because since release it’s been 3 months. During this time, the mobile operating system Apple acquired a large number of patches and other improvements.

To get the most honest results, a journalist measured the exact time of the launch of certain applications on iOS and iOS 11.4.1 12.1.1. The results of the comparison were as follows:

  • Launch the app “Instagram” — 0.5 seconds faster;
  • Launch the Mail app by 0.25 seconds faster;
  • Launch the Safari browser and load the web page CNET — 3.5 seconds faster;
  • Run the application “Maps” — the same result;
  • Launch camera from the lock screen — 0.5 seconds faster;
  • Opening the keyboard (Messaging) — 1 second faster;
  • Open the shortcut menu “Send” in the Safari — 1 second faster;
  • Request handling Siri — 0.5 seconds faster.

Thus, the increase is observed not only in the graphical interface of iOS, but also in the speed of running built-in and third-party applications. The insights we offer you to make your own.

According to the browser before any major update of the iOS operating system was a kind of “roulette”. Especially if you do it deliberately on older and slower devices. There was no guarantee that the update will bring any improvements. Rather, the contrary. But iOS 12 was a pleasant exception to this rule and definitely recommended to all to install.

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