How to change the speed of the imprint of the Galaxy S10 after upgrading

Display the fingerprint scanners was probably the most disappointing innovation that emerged in the smartphone market lately, except for a folding apparatus. Not only do they work much slower than their physical counterparts, but also provide less reliability. Samsung has tried to solve this problem and introduced the ultrasound scanner, which was even less powerful than the “optics”. But you see how things have changed with the last update!

The release of the update, referred, took place in early April. As promised, he greatly increased the performance of the built-in display and Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10+ scanner, it can be seen even in real time. According to estimates colleagues from the publication GadgetHacks, the recognition rate increased by about four times compared to the original data. Now, even if you just put finger on the screen and instantly it is clear, the smartphone finds the pattern and remove the block.

The recognition rate of the fingerprint Galaxy S10

If earlier the average scanner Galaxy S10 it took at least 2.5 seconds to recognize the touch and to identify the user, this occurs within 0.57 seconds. This is a huge speed boost, which did not expect even the owners of the smartphone. In fact, now the recognition takes place as rapidly as on the Xiaomi devices with the physical scanner are recognized leaders in speed fingerprinting.

Increasing the performance of your scanner Galaxy S10, Samsung 180 degrees unfolded, my opinion on the prospects of the display lenses. If a week ago I was seriously going to write an article about why optical dactyloscopy is the best of what we offer today, now I’m happy to admit that I was wrong, and is willing to sing the praises of Samsung and its engineers. After all, they managed to turn a dubious in its essence technology is a real innovation, albeit a little late.

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