How to change the Photos app in iOS 13

For several days we continue to explore what new things Apple brought to iOS 13. Dark theme already discussed everything. Swear to the old dialer and the lack of some expected features has become a necessity for many owners of iPhone. The other day told about the new features of Safari in your iPhone. One of the biggest transformations has occurred with the application “Photo”. About all new, large and almost imperceptible will be discussed in this article.

Presentation of the new design Photos in iOS 13

The contents

New media library in iOS 13

The first innovation you will see immediately after starting the application. The design has undergone significant changes. This design is important: in the updated Photos app automatically hides unnecessary images, such as duplicate photos, screenshots, receipts, papers and other things, which is unlikely to bring positive emotions.

Updated design Photos in iOS 13

Night, when connected to the charger, your library is analyzed using machine learning for best results. The application itself chooses the best moments of the day, month and year. Now you can easily find and remember the most memorable episodes of his life.

Tab “Years” showing images of what happened a year ago. In addition, when scrolling through your library of videos and Live Photo reproduced automatically. Tape and carousel when viewing photos come alive.

Finally, we have added a separate folder with screen recordings — now they are all stored in one place.

Edit video and photos in iOS 13

Earlier video editing had to use third-party applications, such as iMovie, which occupy a lot of space, but uses not even half of the possibilities. Some even used the Telegram to process the video instead of turning our Telegram channel. IOS 13 videos became possible to edit directly in the Photos app. The video editor is available in almost all the same tools as photo filters, brightness, contrast and so on. I really liked the option of framing and tilt video. It supports all video formats, including 4K 60 fps and 1080p slow motion video with 240 fps.

Video editor in iOS 13

Photo editing now not only looks, but works differently. You can adjust the intensity of filters and parameter values using the sliders to control the change of the numbers on the icons.

Photo editor in iOS 13

When editing, all changes happen instantly but the video rendering of course takes time depending on the length and the power of your device.

Search in “Photos” in iOS 13

Now in the Photos app, it is easier to find the photos you want. You can search them by geolocation, people from your contacts list and, most cool, on Facebook items. Don’t know whether iPhone car brands and models a new iPhone, but the lawns and locomotives it finds no problems. Machine learning has again come to the aid of users.

Search photos by tags and location in iOS 13

A new menu “Share” in iOS 13

Now, the Pictures not only easier to find the desired pictures, but also more convenient to share them. When sending photos you can attach location or remove it. If you are sending files using AirDrop, you have the opportunity to send the edited photo with the preservation of the edit history. To change these properties click the “Settings” top menu “Share”.

Updated the “Share” tab in iOS 13

Control portrait lighting iOS 13

IOS 13 it became possible to adjust the intensity of portrait lighting.

Control portrait lighting iOS 13

When you select portrait lighting you will see a slider, similar to the regulation of the depth effect. Move the slider to move the light source closer or further from the object. You can change the position and intensity of each effect portrait lighting.

The closer the light source to the object, the more clear seem eyes. Move the source, and the photo will be more blurry.

The effect of “Light tonality — B/W” in iOS 13

IOS 13, new effect of “Light tonality — B/W”. This black-and-white filter that you created for portrait pictures.

New effect of “Light tonality — B/W”

When selected, the background becomes white, if you are photographed in the Studio. While it not always correctly works with different light sources. Perhaps, over time, machine learning will help us here.

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Minor changes to “Photos” in iOS 13

  • Thumbs become longer in order to make it easier to distinguish between photos. The app picks the best part of the picture for the preview, and when you open you see it all.
  • On the main tab displays the names of locations, holidays, artists, concerts, etc., to make it easier to find the desired pictures.
  • If people have contacts written birthdays, in these days, the application will highlight the photo with the birthday.
  • If you made two Live Photo with a difference of 1.5 seconds, they will be played one after another automatically.

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