How to change the font size on the Galaxy S9 and S9+?

Many owners of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ probably at least once thought about the ability to change the size of fonts and interface elements. Fortunately, you have that opportunity. Today we will analyze the question.

In the shell S9 there are several parameters governing the size of the interface elements. Setting Screen Zoom adjusts the size of screen elements (buttons, icons, and so forth), setting the Font Size changes the font size.

If the font seems small, and the interface elements are too large, it is possible to fix it in just a few seconds by sliding the corresponding sliders. For example, it looks like the largest font on Galaxy S9+:

And this, on the contrary, the smallest size of fonts and interface elements:

Most probably prefer the standard version, but there are also people with poor eyesight, there are those who wish to have more useful information on the display. For them and realized two of these are needed, in my opinion, the slider.

In order to configure the scale of the screen, you need to go to settings, then go to display settings and select “Font and screen zoom” (Font and display magnification).

In this section you can clearly see all the changes in the preview window that you want to swapnote for more detailed pictures. I would also like to note that changes to these settings do not affect the launcher Samsung Experience Home, therefore we recommend to use a different launcher, e.g. Nova Launcher.

In addition, changes in font size will not affect the Chrome browser. To change the font in Chrome, you must change it directly in the settings of the browser.

According to the materials of androidcentral

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