How to change the design of the macOS since the launch

In September 2000, Apple introduced the first public beta version of Mac OS X. For the time it was really advanced operating system, both in design and functionality. This period was the starting point for selection of the direction in which to move the Apple. If you do not find the time, we offer you to plunge into history and see how it has varied the design of the desktop operating system of Apple for the last 18 years.

This opportunity appeared thanks to the enthusiast Steven Hackett, who had collected an extensive collection of screenshots of all versions, starting with Mac OS X Public Beta, macOS up to the actual High Sierra. Soon the gallery will also be enriched with images macOS Mojave. In total, there are about 1500 images.

For several years, Hackett has launched different versions of macOS X on their old computers, without resorting to using virtual machines. For example, Mac OS X Public Beta was running on an original Power Mac G4, when other operating systems have used various Mac mini and MacBook Pro.

Enthusiast named his collection “Aqua Screenshot Library” and posted it to his blog 512pixels. Become more familiar with snapshots here.

And what version of macOS you liked the most? Let me know in the comments.

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