How to change sound notifications Android apps

When thinking about how to change the voice notifications Android applications, we think always that we want to get a sound signature to develop the The Conversation different like a WhatsApp user, we will provide you steps to do it today.

How to change sound notifications Messenger Facebook

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Open Messenger and go to Settings then click on notifications and sounds for the new list. filled with a large number of different tones, where you can customize all of the messages and calls coming.

How to change sound notifications Viber

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Click on the menu button top left and then choose Settings from inside it and press on the notification then sounds to change the ringtone.

Change voice notifications for WhatsApp

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Click on the menu button is in The Shape of 3 points in the top left corner then press Settings, followed by notification.

How to change the notification sounds in Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, and WhatsApp (Android tutorial)

Here you’ll find that it’s quite clear, too, where you can press the tones notifications then ringtones to choose the appropriate sound for you to distinguish the sounds of your messages about the sounds of the letters of your surroundings.

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