How to change notifications in the Android Q

Google intends to seriously rework the notification system in Android Q. This confirms the functional content of the first beta version of the updated operating system. It provides the opportunity to activate a special add-on that turns all incoming notification pop-up bubbles enabling you to reply to them. The innovation is intended to facilitate interaction with notifications regardless of the currently executing task.

Despite its apparent simplicity and illogic of bubbles, they greatly simplify the giving answers to incoming messages. This is especially useful when simultaneous correspondence, messengers and performing some other actions. In this case, bubbles will appear directly on top of the current task, allowing you to give immediate response to the incoming message and thus does not interrupt your workflow.

Notifications in Android Q

By and large, the bubbles are analogous to the functions of Chat Heads from Facebook. Its only difference from the implementation of social network is that innovation Android Q turns into bubbles all of the notifications at the system level, without requiring any action on adaptation by independent app developers.

How to activate notification bubbles

This innovation, like many others, is not available in the Android Q by default. Being an experimental feature, it can only be activated manually. To do this, you need to find in the “Settings” section with developer settings and activate the following ADB command:

adb shell settings put secure experiment_enable_bubbles 1

adb shell settings put secure experiment_autobubble_all 1

To return to the traditional notification system, free from bubbles, it is necessary to activate this ADB command:

adb shell settings delete secure experiment_enable_bubbles

adb shell settings delete secure experiment_autobubble_all

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