How to cancel sending email using Gmail

I’m sure many of you have been in this situation: you wrote a letter and want to send it via email. You press “Send” and I realize I made some mistake, whether it be inaccuracies in the letter, or incorrectly specified recipient. What to do? To write another letter of apology? Not necessarily, because if you use the email client from Google, you can easily cancel the shipment. How? Will tell you right now.

In fact, it is surprising that the opportunity to cancel sending email is a matter of adjusting just one parameter. However, many users still don’t know how to do it.

Cancel sending messages

The main point in this case is that you need to change the time available to cancel. The default is 5 seconds, but let’s be honest: this is not enough. Gmail provides the ability to suspend email delivery for up to 30 seconds. Don’t forget to set the optimum period of time. So, let’s start to configure.

Open Gmail then in the upper right corner, find the gear, click on it and select “Settings”
Locate the “undo send”, default is set to 5 seconds. Select the desired time range, and then the bottom of the page click on the “Save changes”.

How does it work?

Now the settings should take effect. Can test a new feature, if you have a backup email address.

After clicking “Send” on your email window will appear in the lower left corner with “Cancel”, select it, and your letter will not go anywhere, and you will be prompted to edit it. Also, instead of clicking the “Cancel” button, and press Z.

How to cancel sending email by using the mobile Gmail app

This feature is available in the Gmail app, regardless of operating system of your device. As in the web version, after sending a message you will see a notification about the possibility of an “undo send” at the bottom of the screen.

Setting this feature in the mobile version is the same as in the desktop. But if you have already configured the cancel sending in the “big” version, the application no changes are necessary. All settings are synchronized automatically.

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