How to buy iPhone at a price of budget smartphone on Android?

Many prefer to buy smartphones on AliExpress, and it is not surprising, because often on this site, many devices can be purchased much cheaper than in retail stores. However, shops are there so many, and fall for the tricks of fraudsters is not difficult, selecting an unverified store. On AliExpress the main measure of the reliability of the store — customer reviews and best buy smartphones where all the positive reviews.

One of these shops is Wisetech (Vajjstek). It is a certified partner company of Aliexpress, which is engaged in warranty repair of devices of the purchased platform Aliexpress. It is an independent company providing the services established on the territory of Russia. The first established company located in the city Shenjen, China. The third is located on the territory of Ukraine. All companies associated with industry activities. And recently, the company announced the launch of its own store selling iPhone where to buy Apple smartphones are much cheaper. For example, the iPhone 6 is available at a price of 12 000 rubles, and the iPhone 5s is slightly more expensive than 10,000 roubles.

Where such low prices? Vajjstek is an official partner of Brightstar. The latter not only has the international experience of the restored iPhone, but is also the partner of Apple. Through cooperation with such global companies Vajjstek and gets the iPhone, available in my shop.

A nice bonus for buyers from Russia will be that the store is providing the opportunity to return the mobile within 7 days without explanation — suddenly you do not like it. In addition, acquired an iPhone you will be able to officially serve on the territory of Russian Federation within 180 days.

By the way, the opening of the store Vajjstek coincided with the sale on 11 November, so you will have the opportunity to buy quality iPhone at a price of budget Android smartphone! Initially, the celebration of November 11 was called “bachelor Day” when single people could buy any thing or gadget in order to please yourself. Now, this celebration was held in the largest sale! It is believed that this day can be compared to the famous American “Black Friday”, when discounts are not just large, and obscenely huge.

This year’s 11.11 sale from AliExpress, and will continue over 48 hours, so you will have plenty of time to buy an iPhone at a profitable price. More information about the store Vajjstek you can find at this link.

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