How to buy a Metronome (MET) using the wallet. Step by step instructions

In November, we wrote about cross-platform bitcoin Metronome. Interest was aroused not only the sales system in the form of auction with decrease prices, but also the team. Among them was also investor Matthew Razak and former Bitcoin Core developer Jeff garzik’s. Now to buy MET anyone. Tell how to do it.

Instruction shared development team members on Medium. Method is suitable for the primary auction, and for daily lots.

The procedure is simple. To sum up its components, will result in the following process.

  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH), and stored the coins in your wallet, is compatible with ERC20;
  2. Buy a Metronome (MET) by sending ETH for auction.

Now understand in detail.

How to buy Ethereum

To buy ETH use any available method. If you previously purchased coins not accounted for, read the overview of the Telegram-bot. Inside the screenshots and detailed description of the process.

After completing the transaction we translate the ETH with the exchange for any wallet, is compatible with ERC20. These include programs that allow you to safely store and use ERC20-tokens. The creators recommend to use the Metronome. After that, users can participate in auctions and purchase tokens.

Purchase MET through the purse Metronome

To purchase MET download the latest version of the link. The program is suitable for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

After installation, the interface will show the led — a specific set of words. You will need it for possible recovery of the wallet in the future, so be sure to rewrite it on a piece of paper and put in a safe place.

Skip this step will not work — in the next window, the Metronome will check your sid.

Getting down to business. To buy ETH sent to the address of the wallet Metronome, which is indicated in the upper right corner.

When the money came, can participate in the auction. Select the appropriate tab in the left column. The auction window shows the selection of the relevant data are instantly updated. In the screenshot you can see the price and the remaining number of available coins.

As soon as the price seems fair, click the purchase button. Enter the desired number of coins that are going to spend.

After verification click on “Review Buy”. If the numbers are correct, confirm the transaction. You will need to enter a password.

Correct typing guarantees the appearance of such inscriptions.

The MET will be in your wallet fast. While purchased in the primary auction of the coins will be available for use after its closure. If the user makes a purchase from the daily lots, the MET will be ready to work immediately after receipt.

Transaction detail after you look at it.

The rest you can see in Explorer.

How to buy a Metronome (MET) through a contract standalone Converter (ACC)?

A contract is necessary when daily lots is exhausted, and the user of the wallet still wants to buy tokens. Working with him allows any ERC20-purse, but it is better to choose a Metronome. The reason — instant display of data.

The user selects the Converter in the left column, then see prices MET and ETH, as well as the number of available coins. The value of ETH and the MET is calculated based on the ratio of the content of the contract.

Specify the desired number of coins and press the button Review. Then confirm the operation.

The conversion starts.

Contracts convert the ETH in MET. After seeing the following.

Reverse the sale process MET on ETH same, but select a different column in the upper right corner.

Other ways

Wallet users can also buy coins through auction Board via MetaMask or directly with the contract at 0x9d9BcDd249E439AAaB545F59a33812e39a8e3072.

Overall, the process is easy. If problems arise, discuss them in the Telegram chat 2Биткоина. About buying a Vivo read in this article.

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