How to browse the internet with the highest speed through Google’s servers Google Public DNS

Google has announced since the launch of the issue Android latest Android Pie extra support feature of the DNS over which they can control it and adjust it through the Settings Network network settings on the mobile phone.

This water and when you adjust it and activate its work will not need to use any of the apps a VPN or other and without the need to root your phone mobile to browse the internet something of privacy and security.After the announcement of Google about this feature on the Android system Pie followed by leading companies like Cloudflare and Adguard, where it became for each of these companies are private servers the user can surf the internet through their Private DNS and more security and protection and miss the default ones.

The advantages of Google’s servers Google Public DNS over

When you browse the internet through your mobile phone the status of the preparation of his default, is to send your requests via the company’s servers introduction service, and then wait a fraction of a second to respond to your request, in the case of the use of your servers to Google’s DNS go down the waiting period to a minimum the Google servers from the systems of modern high-speed response and a massage for yourself when you adopt Google as a server on your mobile phone.

For further clarification about the idea of the work of DNS to those companies, as I say, that the company Adguard has its own DNS and the name of the company we will notice it will display advertisements in all of the internet when browsing the internet through it and when you think home, days I speed view websites on your mobile phone will be high in the empty content of the ad that may weigh down the design process.

Won’t be our talk here about rings Adguard or Cloudflare , but Google Public DNS over EXCLUSIVELY how to activate it on your mobile phone.

How to browse the internet with the highest speed through Google’s servers Google Public DNS

This preparation is effective on Android phones that run locally on Sunday Android 9.0 Pie, it is during the settings of the phone, head to Settings and from there to Connections and then More connection settings down to the Private DNS.

Select the option Private DNS provider hostname and write the address of the next DNS and Google:

The DNS is the same as and famous, but he’s here by chance on Sunday

And to save the modification, it is important to reboot the phone and connect to the internet to experience the design process through the new servers.

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