How to become “Internet Explorer” browser worst reputation?

A security vulnerability added to the new gaps Internet Explorer from the company Microsoft, which enjoys the reputation of the big bad, due to poor security.

The bat browser bad enough so that it can penetrate computers that have a copy of the program with ease.

Security researcher mad beige, detect the exploit unprecedented in the processing of a web browser for files MHT (archive format web in IE) which can the hacker use it to spy on users Windows and steal their data.

How is it?

Tells windows to open MHT file using IE by default, you will not have users have to restart the browser, all you have to open an attachment sent via chat or e-mail.

According to the website “engage” the American specialist in technology, affect that vulnerability directly on Windows 7 and Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

What about the position of Microsoft?

Deliberated social networking sites, the details of the vulnerability, after the rejection of Microsoft put security reform urgent.

The company said it will be repair of the defect in the issuance of a new future.

And the company promises that the patch is still in the way, however, millions of users are vulnerable to hacking, unless they stop using Internet Explorer, or refers to another application can open the MHT file.

Other security flaws

This wasn’t a security bug first, if the browser is Internet Explorer most vulnerable to such gaps.

She described the newspaper Express of the British, the browser that poses a security risk on computers that you are using.

According to the team of the unit basic safety company has electronic protection “Qihoo 360” offers the browser threat a sophisticated, lasting, and uses inventors file the WordPress to spread malware.

When he opens the users browser to the file, it releases a malicious Web page in the background to install malware quietly in your users.

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