How to be a real robot vacuum cleaner?

In our time, vacuuming the house or apartment becomes something that can be attributed to the remnants of the past. The robot vacuum cleaner can clean the housing, until you are not there, but the choice of this assistant is not always an easy task. Users often focus only on appearance and smart functions like Wi-Fi connection, forgetting that, first and foremost, a vacuum cleaner needs to be powerful.

This task has volunteered to implement the South Korean company Yujin Robot, which offers one of the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaners. Through the use of a new type of engine with turbo-mode and wide blades, iCLEBO Omega is able to ensure a quality service at a relatively low level of noise.

Why we immediately started talking about power? Many have animals at home, and often have a robot vacuum cleaner with them is pointless: most of these devices are not able to collect the fine wool, and if they collect, then you can saucats to clear brush from the hair. C iCLEBO Omega to do this is not necessary, since the vacuum cleaner has a high suction power due to the use of new brushless turbo. This robot vacuum cleaner can collect even fine dust and sand, including carpets (we checked).

The cleaner is very efficiently collects hair and dander and due to the rubber Blade Turbomeca V6. It does not remain hair, thread, or wool — are sucked into the dust collector. To clear the last very easy, and then vacuum again to get to work.

The package

Package contents robot vacuum cleaner consists of a base station for charging with external power supply, remote control, spare HEPA filter, microfiber cloth tape-stop, the cleaning brushes of the vacuum cleaner, and documentation.

Control panel lightweight and compact — it can be used to set the time, robot control, timer settings start delay, return to base and array of cleaning modes — for example, “forced turbo” or “overcoming thresholds”.

Magnetic tape length-limiter is 1 meter — it is designed to limit the areas of harvesting (e.g. in locations where Pets sleep).


iCLEBO Omega is available in two colors casing — white and gold — just last cleaned we have in the wording of the last couple of weeks. Despite the fact that the body is made of glossy plastic, the material is very high quality, in addition the coating leaves no fingerprints on the surface. The vacuum cleaner has an irregular shape which allows it to even better clean the corners in the room. The height of the device is only 87 mm, which enables it to easily go under the bed, chairs, cabinets and collect there for months collecting dust.

On the top panel there is the dust compartment. It can be washed with water, the main well to dry before reuse. Corrugated HEPA filter is attached to the latch and can be easily cleaned of debris.

Above the dust container is a touch screen that displays time, cleaning modes and other information. The vacuum cleaner has three cleaning mode: auto (cleaner cleans all accessible areas of the apartment, choosing the most optimal route), maximum (first removes parallel lines, then the perpendicular) and local (put them in a circle with a diameter of 1 meter, spiraling). In addition, iCLEBO Omega uses a technology called visual mapping space vSLAM. The robot analyzes the data about the objects in the apartment for most effective cleaning. The display also shows information about enabling turbo mode and the rapids (without it the vacuum will not be able to overcome the height of 5 mm).

Located on top of the wide angle camera with a viewing angle of 130 degrees, and the front “bumper” sensors determine the distance to obstacles (PSD optical sensors and infrared). In addition, there is a mechanical sensor. Thanks to this set, the robot detects obstacles well, and if contact occurs to protect furniture on the bumper there is a rubber strip.

The lower part of the cleaner is at least as interesting. First, the top of the ear placed at an angle — this allows the device without problems to unfold out of the blue. In addition, for cleaning used brushes with long fibers. Additional rubber turbo brush collects any garbage on the brush hair are wound are very rare. Side brushes are removed very easily by fastening the latches. Provides the ability to attach a microfiber cloth to carry out wet cleaning (just squeeze the cloth).


For the highest quality cleaning service, the manufacturer installed additional sensors, e.g., sensor contamination and sensor type sensing surface. The vacuum cleaner itself understands, when it is a lot of garbage, and automatically activates the turbo suction, which increases the suction power and cleaning efficiency. Turbo mode is also automatically activated when the vacuum cleaner is on the carpet — so it made cleaning even carpets with a large pile. The sensor filter will not allow you to run the vacuum cleaner without the presence of the box.

The quality of the cleaning was a pleasant surprise — in our office, perhaps, never been so clean. The hair is not wound around the brush, stays clean and the bottom of the robot, which does not appear the dust. The battery capacity of 4 400 mAh battery capable of providing sufficient battery life. Enough in order to completely remove not the smallest apartment. Even if charge is not enough for the cleaner will have to go to recharge, it remembers the place where he stayed, and thanks to the area map, which he built in the process, to be able to continue harvesting from the same place, where he finished.

The vacuum is fairly noisy — almost 64 DB in normal mode and 68 dB for the turbo. It copes with any trash, whether it’s sand from the street or small particles of broken glass (we broke a glass, and remove the remnants was really important).


It is seen that in the model of Omega , the manufacturer has focused on suction power, but do not forget about the ease of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is very easy to maintain and can efficiently clean up the room while you are not home, and coming home from work, you will have to walk on the clean floor. Yes, this vacuum cleaner is not connected to the smartphone and does not work in the ‘smart home’ system, but with its main task to cope much better than other similar devices.

To learn more about the robot-vacuum cleaner iCLEBO

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