How to backup your smartphone’s data. Even without root-rights

When you buy a new phone then it is not necessary to re-download all the apps and configure them again. It has long been the procedure of data recovery. And there are lots of options of how to do it. You do not even have to root. Therefore it is necessary to understand all available options. And then you get to choose the one that suits you.

To begin to understand what is data transfer. This information includes system settings, profiles, chat, login information, contacts, online IDs and so on. All these data are stored in a separate directory. So other applications could not get access to your personal information, backup of this information is prohibited and third-party programs without special “permission” (root) with difficulty can do it. So to start, let’s consider “legal” copy of the data.

Backup using Google services

Google not only allows you to backup photos, emails, contacts and application data. For most users the best way to backup application data will be exactly this.

In order to use it you need to make sure that the option “Backup to Google Drive” is enabled for your account. You can find it under “Settings” — “Settings” — “Backup.” In this section you can see the existing backup. In Google Drive you can also browse the backup. There is information even about how the app stores your data to Google what time it happened.

It is time to understand how to perform the backup without using Google services, if you suddenly need it. Using the program Helium to move app data from your old smartphone to a new one. The app is available for Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. If you are using Windows, make sure that you have installed all the appropriate drivers. You can find them here.

Although Google Play Store has lots of alternatives referred to above program, I want to talk about the program with open source. Using oandbackup you can create backups of selected apps on your device and restore them from those backups. A key feature is that the program allows you to store data in any convenient place.

However, in order to use oandbackup, you first need to download the F-Droid. And another “but” — for this program to work you will need to obtain root-rights. And it’s not all easy. In addition, there is information that this method is not suitable for all smartphones. For example, it is very bad work some devices from Xiaomi. So if you don’t want to bother, then your choice is the first two options.

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