How to avoid buying the extra tracks to the application of Google Drive cloud

How to avoid buying the extra tracks on the Google Drive application cloud

Prevent Google the US each user have an account with brilliantly gimli, gives his cloud storage Free capacity of 15 GB, and can be exploited to raise any kind of files to his account.

Unfortunately, this space may be a battle for access, especially if you activate the management of the new Google Backup and Sync that you sync files between your desktop and your account in Google Drive .

It is no secret read the technical site 24 dear the importance and utility of cloud storage for files, as this will help you to provide large spaces on your devices main, In addition to access to these files easily and securely from anywhere in the world using any device .

The price of services

For health, it is stored automatically in the application of Google Voice, which gives the user unlimited storage space, subject to approval of the storage of the images (highest resolution possible) instead of the (accuracy of the original) .

To return to the Service Google Drive, we find that Google sells space own as follows :

  • Free : 15 GB
  • $ 1.99 per month for 100 GB
  • $ 9.99 monthly for 1 TB
  • $ 99.99 per month for 10 terabytes and

In the next section, we suggest some ideas that avoid You pay money to buy space and the extra storage service Google Drive for cloud storage .

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How to avoid buying the extra tracks on the Google Drive application cloud

The main goal is to try to exploit the 15 GB available free by all possible means, and not to resort to buy extra tracks, but if your work and the size of your files requires this already .

Thee most prominent of our advice in this regard …

Disable or specify the process the Sync tool

Google launched the end of last year the administration to synchronize the device’s file office with your account on Google Drive, this tool of the most important reasons for running out of space on your Google Drive, being a revised copy of all your files to your cloud.

So it is best to disable this tool or not downloaded from the original, or merely synchronize your important files in only one folder.

Not to dwell on download backups of your apps and devices you

Google Drive application allows you to keep a backup of different applications, such as WhatsApp and others, it also enables to keep a copy in full of the operating systems your smart phone.

You can even reduce this space, tried to exploit this space in minimalistic .

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Delete the image file Google application drive.

Additional file behind Google to apply the drive will cost you a lot of space unnecessary, the settings of the app upload the checkmark from in front of this option to the Google Drive in the scope of the space required.

Fine tune the files that you have shared or have been shared with you

Every now and then, you review the laps that you share with others, or files that have been shared with you, try deleting the files that ended its role is no longer needed in the two cases.

Hiring the services of a cloud again

Finally, you can enroll in any cloud service is free to answer Service Google Drive, to distribute the important files on them and thus save space in the service of Google Drive cloud.

We hope that we have our stock in increase your knowledge on this topic, do share to benefit everyone .

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