How to assess the quantum dots determine the OLED panels for the best picture a TV?

This topic How to assess the quantum dots determine the OLED panels for the best picture a TV? Appeared on Engadget.

It is known that Samsung QLED for televisions is different from OLED technology used by LG; but according to some tests the sound quality, the OLED technology excels in it. In addition to that it is fundamentally different from televisions, LCD and in the majority of the devices to drive these days. And QLED Samsung’s newest built on LCD technology, although this technology strengths however they cannot compete with OLED screens.

microscopic quantum dots

But technically QLED may change this in the coming years thanks to quantum dots Quantum dot, namely, the particle microscopic can have a significant impact on the quality of the TV picture. And Samsung and a number of TV makers other techniques beyond the QLED can finally get rid of the LCD, and is likely to challenge the hegemony of the image quality screen OLED. Makers QLED are beginning to use quantum dots, in order to.

Quantum dots are tiny particles contain many of the benefits; but the most important what distinguishes it is the ability to stop when powered. Depending on the size of the point she lost the championship of a certain wave of light; means that one small point may be available in green and a little bigger may be available in red. Which is useful; because all what we need for making the color image on the TV is the colors red, green and blue.

quantum dots are used in an LCD TV

Tea containing quantum dots such as screen Samsung QLED used a thin layer of quantum dots in front of the lamps to Blue LED, which provide a blue light. This blue light not only the color that appears on the screen; but also the energy needed to make the quantum dots green and red available in green and red. Which offers you all the three primary colors, of through energy saving range of LED lights blue.

Whereas the colors that have been created through quantum dots easy to adjust, the manufacturers of televisions will be able to create a Color Super-deep required for chromatography is clear and precise HDR. Also, quantum dots are extremely efficient, so that the tv can be brighter while using less energy than what it takes with the RGB LED or Blue LED or phosphor yellow.

quantum dot TVs

Filters and quantum dots

While the current use for quantum dots increases the color and efficiency of LCD TVs however, there is still the problem of the filters color, and now quantum dots are an essential part lighting LCD الخلفيةk which means that the quantum dots LED lamps blue create white light, a polarization that is sent through the liquid crystal and then through a color filter.

Technically, the filters color to block out the light, they allow the passage of one particular color but is blocking all other colors. So in the LED display/QD LCD make the backlight colors of red, green and blue, but each pixel is Color-blocking of two of these colors to create a pixel color that is seen on the screen. Where more energy is used to create the light necessary.

The next step in quantum dots the LCD is the replacement of the color filter for quantum, this improves efficiency significantly, so that the tv no longer offers a large part of the light that it produces, you can get the same light card less, or even greater brightness with the same energy as before. Company expects Nanosys manufacturer for quantum dots increase the 3 times efficiency or brightness with this design, there are also possible improvements on the viewing angle.

Now expected to use the same or the background of a blue LED similar to it, the points quantum of red and green; but it is possible to use OLED as a light source; and Whereas, the implementation of the LG current for the OLED requires filters color, it’s not impossible.

He had been working and engineering of LCD monitors over the past years to overcome limitations with the liquid crystal, has evolved significantly but it is still problematic in comparison with OLED.

The next step for quantum dots is disposed on the liquid crystal to provide Display Screens direct for quantum; instead of scintillation scanning photo luminescence, the next generation of screens and quantum dots will be Electric electro luminescent.

Instead of lighting the blue LED which provides the light to assess the quantum dots send the light the next generation of young women will use the electricity directly. Where you will get materials either OLED or QLED on small amounts of current to glow brightly particular, and when you disconnect the power cord are dark pixels. This means the contrast ratio is high, in addition, it may mean the ratio of the brightness of the best. Quantum dots work efficiently exceptional, so a small amount of current can prevent a lot of light. So it is likely to be TVs live show for the quantum may be brighter than the OLED, with the same black level, and colors the best time is longer.

Has launched the company Nanosys a technical name QDEL, what opens the door for a multitude of marketing opportunities that depend on the name.

This technique looks great; it may improve picture quality TVs radically, and unlike Samsung, there are other companies such as TCL and Hisenseتقوم selling models for quantum to now, has been provided by Sony and LG and others in the past. It is expected that this trend will continue in the future.


This topic How to assess the quantum dots determine the OLED panels for the best picture a TV? Appeared on Engadget.

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