How to add the option of “Hey Siri” on an unsupported Mac

It is no secret that the voice assistant Siri on the Mac works just like on the iPhone. However, there is one small but does not support the feature “Hey Siri”. The fact that it is a special coprocessor, which, at the time of release macOS Sierra, there was not a single Mac computer. The situation changed in 2018 when Apple released MacBook Pro (2018) and MacBook Air (2018). However, we have a solution for older models.

This instruction is particularly useful for those who often use Siri — users will no longer need to activate voice assistant manually. To simulate the option of “Hey Siri” will help to “Dictation”.

  • Launch System preferences and go to the “Siri”. You must ensure that the voice assistant is activated;

  • Come back, and then go to the “Keyboard“. Select the tab “Dictation” and turn on the appropriate option. Enhanced dictation mode also should be activated;

  • Now we need to go to “Universal access” and select “Dictation”. You’ll need to activate the option “Include key phrases dictation”. In free field, enter the command “Hello”. Next, choose the “dictation Commands”;
  • Enable the command “Enable advanced commands”. Then click the icon “+”;

  • You will then need to carry out the following settings:

When I say “Siri”.
When you use “Any program”.
Execute: “Start” -> “Other” -> Open “”.

You’re done! If done correctly, a menu bar will appear in the microphone icon — it remains only to check function. A huge plus is that the option almost does not consume battery power MacBook and MacBook Pro.

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